The way Millenials live greatly affects the whole world. They are killing classical education, the real estate market, the automotive industry, the financial sector, and others. If you are one of them and struggling with your studies, you can get professional coursework help from our nerds.

Is It Really Necessary?

In the world of global competition, the quality of education becomes what allows both the individual and the society to gain and maintain a leading position in the market. And a one-third part of the generation of millennials is currently getting an education. This is the most educated generation in history, which seeks to learn even more – millennials are extremely ambitious “reachers”. They believe that the key to success is not hard work, but the correct formulation of goals.

The Way They Think: Just Interesting Statistics

Millennials have a special attitude towards education – only 40% believe that it determines the future of a person. A diploma is not a criterion of a good professional, social communication skills, the ability to respond to changes and create innovations are much more important. And here they are completely right.

What Do Employers Think about Generation Y

For potential employers, not a diploma, but key skills are becoming increasingly important. Ranking universities already take this into account. They introduce a maximum of practice and real business projects in senior courses. The speed of changes in the labor market is such that without additional courses and parallel work on the application of the skills obtained, one should not expect a good place. In addition, those who have long received a diploma in this or that specialty, continue to study. They want to adapt to a rapidly changing world. A graduate of a university with a baggage of dry academic knowledge sometimes loses to specialists with experience and a desire to learn new things. Many still seek to obtain higher education. Unfortunately, in recent decades, studies have greatly increased in price, as a result, not everyone can afford to study at university. Someone simply does not have enough money. Someone is not ready to bear the burden of educational loans all his life. Some of the millennials refuse a university diploma, considering it unprofitable, as a result, the attractiveness of free or low-cost options in the field of online learning is growing. The very fact of the appearance on the Internet of a discussion about whether a diploma is needed to obtain a high-paying job, whether it can be replaced by an online certificate, whether professional courses without an academic minimum at the bachelor’s level show that the higher education system can no longer remain static. If it wants to maintain its leading position, it should be changed. Publication of lists of vacancies with high wages, for which a university diploma is not required, only pours oil on the fire. Almost everywhere you need high technical literacy and the ability to apply for the latest programs, and the employer does not care where this knowledge was obtained.

What to Expect in Future?

Millennials greatly value the material opportunities that education provides, but are not motivated to create savings for housing or a mystical future, they prefer to enjoy life in the present. Millennials and their children are no longer the generations that, sitting at the school desk, will unquestioningly fulfill the tasks of the teachers. They will ask questions, ask why to learn this, and not something else. They know how to search for information much faster and more efficiently than representatives of generation X; for millennials, there are no language barriers, and the space and the form of training should be adjusted.


The result is as follows: modern realities show that it’s not millennials that need to take care of their education. They take care of it and take care as no one before they did for the entire existence of mankind. Another issue is that they set priorities differently, have different values and see themselves differently in the overall picture of the world. Therefore, the task of the education system is to adapt to them, and they will take all that necessary things independently.

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