Students are mostly not the people who can afford a luxury of five-star resorts. But some of them can make a trip to the nearest town even more exciting and carefree employing simple travel tricks. Multiple small inconveniences can transform a wonderful adventure into disaster. But there're many hucks that can help even young and inexperienced travelers like students to simplify their first and forthcoming trips.How to make A balance between study and work.

Opt for a small number of things and comfortable bags for carrying like a backpack. Employ a rolling type of packing and vacuum bags to save the space. Leave stuff at home that hotels offer for free or that can be cheaply bought.

Documents and Finances

Make digital copies and print scans of your documents to be able to return home on the occasion of the originals' loss. Split your money and preserve it as cash and on credit cards in the secure pocket.

Food and Medicine

Prefer supermarkets and buffets to restaurants. Take pills for common illnesses like cold, head and stomach aches but assure that they are not on the country import restrictions list.


Acquire additional batteries and wireless chargers so you'll be able to continue with your studying even on the trip.

Homework assistance

If your vacation overlaps your individual studying sessions, you can get assignment help for students cheap on AssignmentJunkie website. Enjoy the adventure and acquire a ready quality essay or other college tasks on time.


Prefer price and speed to comfort and status. Consider that a destination, not a distance affects prices. Check out the best money-saving inland and international transportation options.

  1. Airplanes.Opt for low-cost airlines or book the flight way ahead of the required date to cut expenses. For long distances, you can choose a more extended trip with multiple transfers.
  2. Buses.This type won’t always be cheaper than the previous one, but it’s more quick preparation for departures wise and will allow you to explore the country. It’s also a profitable way to move around the town especially if you buy day tickets.
  3. Underground.Not always an available and sometimes puzzling option. Don’t spend time in traffic and an extra coin if you opt for a travel card with the specific number of rides. Consider that in some cities the metro train can connect even towns and the ride cost can depend on the distance.


There are various opportunities to save on living arrangements anywhere. Review the following ones to find that will fit in your comfort zone.

  1. Non-stop traveling.If you come only for a day, don’t order a room at all. Just choose the arrival and departure time so you’ll have enough time for a satisfactory tour.
  2. Couchsurfing. Explore advantages of this international service. Meet local people, view the town from their angle, taste home traditional meals and often don’t pay a penny for it!
  3. Hostels.Prefer them to chic hotels. They are cheaper, have less strict age restrictions, and their rooms can have appliances like gas stoves that will allow saving on nutrition. Be aware if your hostel booking deposit is refundable on the occasion of cancellation.
  4. Discounts.Some travel-advising websites regularly run temporary room sales. If you book in advance, it can save you a significant amount of money.

Navigation and Communication

Download necessary maps and dictionaries in advance to move around the town simply. Use free Wi-Fi to find the missing information but take care of your data security when you connect to public networks.

Explore the world while you're still young!

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