The better you compose your resume, the more chances you have to get the job you want. We are going to give you some tips on how to make your resume as attractive to employers as possible.

1) Do not overdo the information. Employers do not need to know which kindergarten you went to or when you had your milk tooth. You must understand that your CV will be among the masses of others and it should be favorably allocated against their background. Your task is to catch them and attract attention. Place it all in two pages and remove the unnecessary material.

2) Give accuracy. How you complete your resume depends on half of its success. Readability and structuring will allow the employer to draw the most out of your document. Do not use monotonous merged text. The most important points are separated by paragraphs to emphasize them. If you have an enumeration, do not write with a comma, but use a list with markers. Use fonts that are easy to read and do not use too small a font size. You can highlight the essential places in bold, italic or underline, but do not overdo it. The text should not look crazy.

3) Try to use the numbers in your statement. You can write that with your arrival the productivity of your department has increased in the previous workplace. But you can also write that you have increased the productivity of the department by 50% compared to the previous indicators. Do not just write a dry verbal text, try to back up everything with numbers.

4) By indicating personal qualities, do not praise yourself. Ask your friends to indicate your qualities and benefits. Do not need to paint them on half a page, select a few of the most significant. Avoid cliches, try to write something unique that would distinguish you from others. Do not attach your photo to the resume, unless it is required by the employer.

5) Check the CV from A to Z. After you have finished writing, give yourself a break. Then, after a while, run your eyes through the text. Pay attention to spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Check the spelling of capital letters and exclude typos. The employer will not take the time to read the illiterate CV and this will let all your efforts down the drain. Give someone checks it, this can increase the chance of finding an error. Better to be safe than dishonored.

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