As soon as you have finished school and made up your mind to continue your education at college or University, you will most likely feel greatly excited about your future life. For the majority of young people, student life means more independence, more excitement, more new friends and a totally new experience of living on the campus. However, student life should not seem all fun. Being a student has good sides as well as bad ones. To avoid regrets in the future, you should avoid certain things from the very beginning.

So let’s deal with the most common risks you should bypass as a student.

Taking too much money as your student loan.

In case you apply for a student loan, be careful in all your calculations and estimations, it’s important to apply to the very sum you need and not to try taking more for some expenses other than studies. Student loans are often a long-time burden for those who took them, so do your best to make this burden as little as possible.

Spending the whole student loan at once.

There are cases when young people getting money spend them almost the same day. Later on, such students often lack money not only for rent but for food as well, be wise and budget your money in a proper way. Plan your expenses and incomes. First make sure you have enough means to cover your bills, to pay rent and to buy some food, then you can dole out some money for entertainment as well.

Bringing tons of things you won’t need.

Keep in mind that you move into a dorm room and there will most likely be less space then you have at home, so be selective while packing. Take only the things you will really need and use, resist the temptation to take your collection of disks or comix with you to the campus. Do not be afraid to forget something important, your family is sure to post you whatever you have forgotten.

Partying too much.

The key word here is too much – escaping from home may often make you feel, you are totally free from your parents and their control. Now you can enjoy certain things prohibited earlier, but it’s crucial to know your limits. It’s not a problem to entertain or to have fun with friends, but it’s important to stop in time. Without any doubt, you should not abuse alcohol or drugs, should not drink and drive and in no case miss classes because of partying too late.

Eating junk food and not exercising.

At campus, you are the only one responsible for your own nutrition. Fast food and snacks may be tasty, for some of you, and convenient option of having a meal on the go. In most cases, it harms you. When you need a snack to make it healthy – have some nuts, fruits or granola bars, but avoid junk food. Drinking plenty of water really helps to stay awake and energetic all the day round. The right eating habits will not only help you preserve your health but keep fit as well. Besides, remember the benefits of exercising. If you shudder at the thought of a gym, at least make walking your regular and healthy habit.


Unfortunately, university students demonstrate the highest level of procrastination, it now goes about the studies. Most campus students postpone their learning until the last moment and then get piles of books, sleepless nights and a great stress some days before the exam. You can avoid all these with simply the right planning and time management. There are plenty of tips and techniques now, which help overcome the procrastination in various spheres. Find the method, which will suit you best and start implementing it right now. “Right now” is actually the key to solving the problem of procrastination. Study every day and hand in your assignments on time, in such a way you will definitely get the benefit of having a good sleep at night and being ready for the exam in advance.


The temptation to cheat at the exams may be great, everyone studying at college or Uni knows it with his own experience, but you should avoid it by all means. Your education is your choice and your responsibility, once you have undertaken it, you should do it properly to develop into a good specialist in the sphere you have selected. Having cheated once you’ll have to continue because learning builds on itself. If you have missed some basics, you’ll have problems with some more complicated aspects. Besides, cheating you skip hard work and fail to develop the necessary skills for further work and learning, such as persistence, diligence, and sacrifice.

With all the above in mind, make your best to enjoy your learning and still have fun as a student.

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