How to choose a perfect educational program? What mistakes are most often made by candidates for a scholarship?

1. How to choose an educational program that suits you?

When you are going to file documents, you need to have as much information about all possible programs, especially if you are not attached to a particular region. However, it is worth remembering that the process of filing applications by both dates and content is different in various countries. It is important to monitor it carefully. The quality of the course often depends not so much on universities but teachers of a specific program. There can be no the most famous educational institutions in the program, but the lecturers come from all over the world, from well-known Australian, American, European universities, which positively affects the quality of the educational process.

2. To which university apply for a scholarship?

Communication with graduates of the program of your dreams will also help you to take a decision. You can learn from them many details and be ready for the advantages and disadvantages of future education. It is also worth to take into account your specialization: there is a massive number of different ratings of universities. Of course, they are not of the greatest importance, but they can give a general idea of the school.

As for the scholarship, you need to be orientated on the country of residence. For example, you can have a very good scholarship on the program, but the first semester will take place in Norway – the most expensive country in the world, which, of course, influences budget planning. If the scholarship covers only part of the costs and requires additional work, properly evaluate their strength.

3. A correctly compiled set of documents is already half of success. Is it true?

This is an absolute truth. A correct completed set of documents plays a crucial role. Without this, you simply will not be allowed to the next stage of selection! Members of committee often admit that at this stage more than 50 percent of applications are eliminated. Thus, you may well correspond to the profile of the candidate, but if you do not have a certified copy of your passport – you will be eliminated.

Carefully read the requirements, prepare the documents, make a special check-list. Especially accurately fill out the application form, since after sending you cannot fix anything. Sometimes the requirements may include additional documents: certified and translated birth certificates or school certificates. These items can not be ignored! It is important to pay attention to details. Check all written for possible errors or mistakes – better give it to read for several people.

4. What is worth mentioning in documents, and what is better to abstain from?

State your motivation clearly, tell about yourself, what you have achieved and what are your plans after graduation. Specify, if you have a hobby, this will indicate that you are an active person. Be sure to mention if you are engaged or used to be involved in volunteer work. Write how this program of the scholarship will be useful not only for you but also for people around you. Write professionally, but also individually. Composing your essay, do not copy text from standard templates.
Good luck! Believe in yourself!

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