No one can provide you with the complete guideline to live by, but you always can take some tips and important information from anywhere like the internet or your real-life friends. They will not completely resolve all your situations, but they can be useful.

There you go with a couple of rules which can help you to make your student life brighter.

1. Schedule your finances and plan your budget according to your possibilities

Just because you can take the highest credit limit, doesn’t mean you really should do it. After the college, you really need to pay your bills, remember it. If you would like to be financially free after the college, you may think carefully during the study. Also, create a plan for your budget and follow it. You may find it kinda nerdy now, but useful after.

2. Develop some healthy habits

Follow the diet plan, avoid too much caffeine and sleep well. Ok, you might find it kinda nerdy too, but it is worth it. Get the insurance plan for your health also.

3. Don’t get involved with the mentor or the students if you are a mentor

It spoils all the studying process and your life too. Almost always it might end up really bad. Leave the feelings and emotions after the class.

4. Live your social life

Don’t let the studying break your sanity. You might have some social life also. Make friends, dates and have some relaxing time. You might have some balance between the study and life, otherwise, there is neither useful nor satisfactory.

5. Develop yourself from all the sides

Try to do some sports, read some books and learn something outside the university. And respect, value, never underestimate your thoughts and opinion. Never be afraid to ask a stupid question, because every new information is good and worth it. And there are some chances others might have the same questions too. Remember that you should do your assignments.

6. Read the books you bought or rented

They are useful and valuable, and the readings were assigned to you for a reason. If you keep up with all the relevant information they provide, you will always be on top.

7. Share your knowledge with other students

Don’t hold the information you have because helping others will help you to learn the subject more in-depth. You will learn everything if you will teach others.

8. Have at least two career plans

After finishing your education, you will need to work and earn your living. The higher education degree will not guarantee you the higher position. Getting an education to avoid the job market competition is the worst plan you can ever get.

9. The professional organizations are your friends

There you can meet great people and opportunities and find your way in case you have no idea what to do after completing your education. It’s a great way to learn more about your field, network and meet others with similar interests to your own.

10. Organize your day

Plan your week, month and even day. It will save you a lot of time when other people will do your assignments and you will not experience the deadline pressure when the exams come.

11. Enjoy your youth and the diversity of college life

Just let some things go and enjoy your possibilities to network, find great people and opportunities.

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