If you are a full-time student, should you attend Coursera? The answer is simple and quite straightforward – Yes! In this article, we will cover all the advantages of Coursera for full-time students and also what makes it so special.

Why Coursera

After studying for several years at the university, you may decide that you want to cover other subject or need some extra knowledge within your field of study. Of course, from time to time you may blame professors, saying that they are too boring. If that is the case, you can buy assignments from our service. That is your first steps for self-education.

Few Benefits of Coursera for Full-Time Students

The best teachers from all over the world

Coursera gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise from the best professors in your field of study. Moreover, many of them also have their own business alongside with lecturing. For example, Barbara Cannes, who led the course of marketing, is the director of a well-known consulting company.

Study When You Have Time

Do you want to listen to the course in the subway? No problem: Coursera has mobile applications so that you can open the lecture anywhere and anytime. It is really very convenient and allows you to plan your schedule in advance and attend classes only when it is convenient for you.

You Get a Certificate

Despite the fact that all courses are free, for $40 you can get a certificate from the university where you completed the course. What for? The answer is simple. For everyone around you, this is proof that you really completed the course and learned something new. In addition, it can be useful for your future employer, as well as for freelancing. You don’t have to buy a certificate, it is not obligatory and does not provide access to any additional classes or other bonuses.

Interesting, Interactive and Straightforward

What is best about Coursera is that many laws, definitions and theories explained by using the big companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Zappos, Amazon, Virgin as an example. And it is truly interesting because those companies achieved great results in their niche and working on their cases can teach more than reading another old-as-dust book.

Moreover, for each lecture there are special forums where students can communicate with each other, discuss the course and ask questions to the faculty. And for all those obvious reasons, learning something on Coursera is incredibly interesting.

You can find a course on any topic

As stated above, Coursera has thousands of courses in various fields. Engineering, business, art, management, marketing, sciences – each of those courses are provided by the best universities from around the world.

Few Final Words

Coursera is cool and it will help you increase the level of your knowledge in almost any field. For a $40 fee, you can easily get a certificate of completion of the course that may help you in future. No, we are not 100% sure if it ever come in handy, but why not to support people who give the opportunity to learn something new to anyone in the world. Coursera engineers made the whole learning process interesting and useful. When you start the course, you will immediately understand why it is so exciting – each lecturer speaks about his field of study with fire in his eyes. And it’s contagious!

You will be notified about the beginning of the course in about a few weeks. It is worth adding that Coursera gives knowledge that you can apply to increase your academic performance. The key points of each lecture should be noted to Evernote. These notes then help you during the final exam as Coursera allows you to use such things during the test. The problem is that more than 70% of the questions in the last test are purely practical and Google and Wikipedia is unlikely to help.

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