When you are planning the journey to other city or country you usually compose the list with all the stuff you should carry with you. The same thing is with life laps. It could be ridiculous for you to create the checklists when you are graduating, or your wife is pregnant, or your divorce is on the verge. You’ll be surprised, but it is worth to do.

To be ready for graduation doesn’t mean to finish all the assignments and to buy a prom dress or suit. That is something bigger than a step. The preparation process may be time-consuming. We recommend to start a half a year before the graduation and that’s not a joke.

How to be Ready and Have All Set?

  1. While being a student, check out how it’s like to have a job. You should be looking for something relevant due to your future profession. No one demands to work several years on a full-time and study simultaneously. For having an experience a month is enough.
  2. If you are a future scholar or journalist, it’s more than easy to find a part-time job while studying. Register on a website like an assignment junkie service that allows you to write essays on different topics and to receive money for that. This work may allow you to cover expenses for any paid courses you wish.
  3. Don’t be greedy and don’t hunt for money. The thing you are looking for is an experience and opportunity. Extremely a lot of things you may learn while volunteering. The next benefit is that you are meeting the people while helping them. No one ever knows, today you are helping people, and tomorrow the same people are helping you.
  4. Try to earn “recommendations to hire” from every place you’ve worked. Everyone knows how hard it could be to get the job for grad so if you request the recommendation, there are 80% that you’ll get it.
  5. Don’t forget to receive a recommendation from your favorite professor in your university. If there are no studies you were good in, just forget about this.
  6. It’s a high time to be connected thus create your Linkedin account. The more people with the same profession you add, the more visible for recruitment agents your profile will be. All the other non-professional social media are good too. Don’t hesitate to add your profession to your bio.
  7. The next recommendation is to read the articles about the most common mistakes during the interview. This scenario is for lazy people only. If your communication skills are low, you’ll never be an orator during the job interview.
  8. Turn back and find out if you have ever read the book on psychology. Mental science is your power. Don’t ever try to be smarter than you are, don’t lie and don’t try to become someone else just to achieve the desired position.
  9. Stop worrying that’s not the end of the Universe that is just a little step on your life road. To avoid the stress during the interview which is important for you, try to pass several more interviews in companies you are not interested in. The more business conversation you’ve had, the easier becomes to come down.
  10. When it comes to writing, it’s much easier to ask to write an essay for you, but when it comes to verbal communication, you can contrive only on your own. You can’t talk a lot about the working experience because you don’t have one thus talk about your achievements in studies.
  11. Create your CV, don’t forget to include all the recommendations. The Curriculum Vitae is only the work advertisement ask, but it could be a thing that will help you to stand out from the crowd. You should be laconic and creative. There hundreds and thousands of CV templates all over the Internet. Check them out, they will add you some more inspiration.
  12. Canva.com allows you to create perfect CV using free templates. Marketers say that the CV should be only on the one sheet of paper. If you believe in marketing, do in this way.
  13. Don’t wear your prom suit or dress for an interview. The day when you ’ll get the offer will be a victory day for you, but no one except you should know about that. Don’t show people what’s important and what is not for you. Business garb is not the best variant too. You should prefer casual style and look like you’ve just come for a cup of tea and a good conversation.


Be yourself, and you’ll catch the world. To be ready for graduation means that you exactly have a plan what to do beyond the university life. At the same time, the plan is not the guarantee that everything would be done for 100%. Be flexible and patient. Almost every day and everyone goes to work and you will.

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