Have you ever noticed the specific habits of the genuine writers? They do have their own rituals that help them to get the inspiration or to catch a thought and write down a good idea. You may see someone going always around with a notebook and assiduously making notes. Others strive to immerse themselves in close contact with nature. All of that is a kind of meditation to collect enough sources before writing the tremendous work. All our feelings are fleeting and you should have your own plan how to organize and structure thoughts and don’t miss a valuable idea.

We are all completely different human beings and far not all people fit the same method of fulfilling the writing assignment. Students shouldn’t be compelled that planning and thinking parts are the integral part of writing process. Overthinking every single detail makes no odds for many students, and they considerably do a finer job on the spot and sometimes procrastinating.

But there are some students who prone to have their topic on their minds for a long time and take the advantage of gathering all useful thoughts, conducting a thorough research and come up with the best ideas before proceeding to the actual work.

If you consider yourself among this category of people, you will find the following practical guidance to your advantage

Get use of sticky quips

When the fresh thoughts come into your head or cross your mind, note down it on the sticky notes and paste them to the place where you most often spend time. It can be the wall of your room, desk or a bed. This way you won’t lose the unique concepts. And when it comes time to write, you will collect a great set of ideas and your pen will do the talking with ease.

Create a mind map

Some people make lists, designers make what I call mind maps, where they keep going further and further.

It is more creative way to image your plan and mind strategies. You have a bunch of ideas but this thing helps you to piece all into the whole one, set priorities of each thought and connect similar elements. Initial step starts from highlighting a single thought on the map and then you include all other units falling under this category. Point out another thought be the line and stretch outwards to the edge of the paper with continuing connecting the elements relating to that.

Forget about modern technologies for a while

Did you realize that when you make a short look at the screen of your device while concentrating or studying, the image fills 60% of short-term memory that is why you forget everything what you have learnt before?

Turn off your phone, leave your computer in sleep mode, sit down at the desk with a sheet of paper and write a letter to your imaginary friend. Concentrate on putting your thoughts on a paper and structuring your letter without any distracting things. Then begin with your real task.

Undertake intensive sport training

Doing sport contributes to your psychological and physical well-being. It increases human mental activity and your subconscious will also work on this baffling task.

It can be very good idea to share your thoughts and ideas with a close person. We can discuss it together and find the best decision. A second opinion may point out the missing perspectives and add some additional ways of solving the problem.

Does the organizing of an essay still sound like a dire thing but being full of worth ideas?

Not all people were meant to have perfect skills of writing. Buy assignment or order coursework writing and invest the time to more important activities for you.

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