Face the situation. Don’t run away

Some students prefer to buy assignments. But it’s not a solution for every day. Yes, you may get an “A”, and your parents will be happy for like a day. But tomorrow there are more tasks on the way. Is it worth to spend money on it? What would you choose: get a senseless grade or create a groundwork for the future?

How to cope with math assignments

  • Psychology and readiness

Don’t get defensive thinking: “Math is not for me. I don’t have abilities for it”. As strange as it may seem that can be the core problem. Our confidence is the half of our success.

Bad mood, mental and physical exhaustion are lowing learning and curiosity abilities. Even if the assignment deadline is tomorrow, don’t jump into it straight away if you are tired or angry. Give yourself 15 minutes rest. Create positive and relaxing atmosphere. Find a cozy place, sit or lay down, listen to favorite music, meditate or simply take a stroll. These simple actions might not help entirely but your brains will recharge.

  • Workplace

Set up the work environment. If you’re working better in silence find a quiet place. If not, turn on TV or music but nothing loud, revulsive or intrusive. Find a comfortable chair, take away from your desk anything that you won’t need and get out things for assignments. Sit down and open an exercise book.

  • Plan and start

Assignments are usually devoted to the topic you’ve learned in class. If there left some gaps and unclear moments on a matter go through a textbook and your notes. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make everything obvious. Some stuff will come together after practical exercises.

Make a plan. Choose yourself: go in order, start with the hardest or with the simplest exercises. Read and write down the first task. If you can’t find a solution check your textbook for examples. Look on the Web for more information or ask for the help. Assistance is fine if it will help you to understand the material. Watching someone doing the task for you as much useless as pay for it.

  • Motivation and Support

At the start reward yourself even for a little achievement. Positive reinforcement will stimulate you to make efforts to improve and work harder. Things may seem mandatory at the beginning. But it can increase your interest in math and overall work efficiency.

Don’t struggle with a problem alone. Ask for support your friends and family. Invite your buddies to do homework together. Friendly atmosphere and subject discussing may create more productive environment than the silence of library halls.

  • Progress and completion

If you can’t solve a task for a while move to the next one. If you can’t complete the whole assignment don’t get frustrated. Some issues need more time. Your goal is to learn math, not to get the highest grades.


You can always ask a teacher to clarify you unsolved tasks during or after lessons. Or consider hiring a tutor. Writing your paper on a difficult topic will help explore the material from a different angle. Look for new ways to get a job done.

Try to do your best but less than 100% completion not always means failure. It is a sign that you have some skills to improve.

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