Being a student means having a lot of stress because of the grades and academic performance. That is one of the key reasons why many young people fall into depression during their studies. Another important reason of constant stress is an inability of many students to express how they feel in the right manner. Sharing what bothers you, your thoughts and problems with someone you know and trust can be a helping hand in almost any situation.

But even with the growing popularity of social networks where people have all their friends and relatives close enough to communicate at any moment, many still feel alone in this world and can’t handle stress. And constant stress may turn into a depression. Depression is a way more negative condition than a simple stressful situation because it has a bad impact on our health and mental stability.

If you will walk through the campus for a mile, you will definitely meet and see students who are in a depression. And here comes one of the biggest questions of this article, how to beat depression where you are a student? And the answer is not that straightforward because there are different approaches to solving this issue. Some of them are based on drugs or visiting a psychologist, others rely on doing something that makes you feel happy and helps to stay off of thinking about the problems for a while.

Ways Students can Beat Stress

The aware numerous ways on how students can avoid depression are here are a few of them:

  1. Start taking antidepressants.
  2. Attend the psychologist at least once or twice a week.
  3. Start doing something that distracts you from the source of a stress.

Antidepressants and other similar types of drugs might look like a perfect solution. But it is all about your health and sometimes it is better to reimagine your approach to the problem than to start taking medication. Attending a psychologist is a better way to handle this situation. But in some cases, it is not an option because this way requires a significant investment of money on a weekly basis. We believe that the best way to avoid stress is to get a hobby or concentrate on something that makes you feel better. There are a lot of things you can do that don’t require you to pay money. One of the best ways of how to express your thoughts and feelings is writing.

How Can Writing Help Students Handle Depression

Writing has one significant advantage over other activities and hobbies. The benefits of this approach are quite simple. It distracts you from negative thinking in the most effective manner and can help you switch to different thoughts. When a student is concentrated on writing a story and submitting it in a journal or filling his blog with insights on his last travel experience, he just doesn’t have time for thinking about what is wrong. This is a simple yet effective way to get a temporary relief from what bothers you. Turning this into a habit can also help you increase your academic results when directed to writing essays and homework assignments. Another good way of where writing can help is a journaling.

The Benefits of Journaling for Students with Depression

Journaling can help you with expressing your feelings and sharing them with someone you know and trust the most, with yourself. Many studies prove the positive impact of journaling on healing a depression. In your diary, you can write about anything whether it is something about your friends, college issues or problems with your roommate. Keeping a journal means keeping all your old thoughts right next to you and always having somebody to share your current feelings with. Some students say that writing in a journal can help stay out of suicide thoughts while they had problems during the college years. Some students say that journaling helped in healing mental illness.

Journaling every day also helps you see your old problems from a completely different angle. They no longer look that crucial or vital like it was before. If you are struggling with your current problems, look around yourself. They can be just a tiny issues, but you think of them as show-stoppers.

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