Several years ago, we needed to spend much time looking for a job. Now, with the help of LinkedIn, “the job will be looking for us”. Building a good LinkedIn profile is a good way to save your time, get offers from the best companies, and earn more money for studying, food, and entertainment.

The First Steps

Start with creating a LinkedIn account, you need just a valid email and password for it. Don’t lose your password and access to your email because you can lose your LinkedIn account. After confirmation of your email, you will be offered to fill your personal profile and set connections with friends.

Profile Photo

If your profile has a good photo, it will be much easier to grab the HR’s attention. This is the way you present yourself. It is like a conversation between you and a person who wants to offer you a job, the photo can tell much about a person so you should choose it carefully.

It should be a business photo, that represents you as a responsible and smart employee. Don’t use photos of other people, pictures from vacation, pictures where your face can’t be seen, or low-resolution photos. Even if you don’t have such a picture, you can create it from another photo by using free editors.

Profile Details

All the information you publish on your LinkedIn page should be true and can be checked by HR. Write about all the experience you have, including volunteer projects and social activities, it would help the HR to see you not just as an employee but as a talented person who would be valuable for their company.

If you are a student, you don’t have much to write on your page but you can specify where you study, what are your hobbies, and what do you like. This information is less valuable than your working experience but it can also tell more about you.

You can also write about your skills that will help you to get the desired job; decide what job you want to get, then consider what skills are needed for this position. If you actually have these skills, add them to your profile and ask your friends to endorse you.

Make Connections

LinkedIn always asks its users to make connections with others, and the more connections you have, the bigger is the probability of finding a good job, even if you are a student. It is much easy, you just send requests to all your friends and colleagues, and wait for their confirmation.

You can also add people whom you didn’t meet before, like HR and other people who are looking for employees. It would help you to grab their attention and show that you are looking for a job. These people often publish information about career opportunities in their companies so you can react to these posts whenever you need.

More Tips On Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Add images and documents that prove you are a specialist or a talented person. If you have some articles, photos, or drawings that show your experience, add them to your profile.
  • Add links to your social networks, blogs, and other pages that represent you, it would help the HR to get much more interesting information about you. Your personal blog tells much about you, and if you have created any websites with a good quality, others should see them.
  • Add recommendations. If you worked on any volunteer, social or professional projects, your managers should know about your experience and skills, ask them to write recommendations for you and add them to your page.
  • Talk directly to your audience. In the top of your page, you can add an original message about yourself, it helps you to grab much more attention than usual profiles do.
  • Get more endorsements. Ask your friends to endorse you and do the same for them, it helps you all to make your profiles more valuable, focus on the skills that are needed for your desired job.

Students often find themselves in a loop “to get a job, you need experience, and to get experience, you need a job”. To avoid it, start with the small job that you can get with no special experience. Then, add it to your LinkedIn page, and you will see that much more people are viewing it.

Don’t forget to edit your profile from time to time. If you are working on a new project or you got some achievement, add it to your page, keep your profile relevant and edit it when needed.

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