Every student dreams of studying in London but fewer than all have this opportunity. British higher educational establishments have a good reputation because they prepare excellent specialists in different areas. Nevertheless, not every person can afford to study in London. Even if you took a scholarship or your parents paid for your education, keep in mind that you also need cash to buy food, books, magazines, etc. Further still, it doesn’t mean you should stress over this issue because, in this review, we’ll talk about the basic budget saving tips which will help you save cash and survive in the most expensive city of the world.

The Best and the Most Effective Tips Allowing You to Save Cash in London

London is a cosmopolitan city with a bunch of different people and different cultures. You’ll hear more than 200 languages here! This city has a number of temptations and in some instances, it is really hard to resist them! If you really dream of living in this city but you realize that you don’t have enough money, why not look through our list of tips which will help you revise your budget and change your viewpoint?

  1. Calculate your daily expenses.

If you wish to save cash, you need to understand how much it costs to live in this huge city. Do your parents pay for renting apartments? How much do you spend on food? Do you need to spend cash on municipal transport? Keep in mind that too much is contingent on your district. Commonly, the prices are higher when you get closer to the center.

  1. Don’t rent apartments located in the central part of the city.

Usually, the cost of visiting cinemas, restaurants or cafes is higher in the center of the city. Besides, you’ll also pay more for your apartments. That is why if your overriding purpose is to pay less, you should live far from the city center.

  1. Don’t Choose Too Expensive Universities.

Being the home for top-quality and prestige universities, London has a bunch of other higher educational establishments too. You shouldn’t let too high prices stop you from studying in this amazing city. There are low cost higher educational establishments like the University of West London or London Metropolitan University. The price for one academic year is $ 13,000 per year, which is lower than the cost of studying at Oxford.

Besides, you can also browse the web in search of grants or scholarships. If you are an A-level student, you have a chance to win them! As a result, you’ll be studying for free.

  1. Don’t pay too much for entertainment.

In very deed, living in London doesn’t always mean spending too much on entertainment options. There are lots of places which you can visit for free. For instance, the British Museum which can help you learn the history of this country and make yourself familiar with different artifacts. You can also visit the Tate Modern gallery comprising amazing art collections. Greenwich Park is the best place for spending a nice sunny day. Otherwise stated, there are plenty of places where you can go for free and make a time of it!

  1. Find a part-time employment.

The majority of American and European students have part-time jobs. They managed to build a balance between lectures, job, and a personal life. You can follow the lead and find a part-time job too. As a result, you’ll have an additional source of income and you won’t hinge on your parent’s money. Furthermore, work in a part-time position is a fair opportunity to get new skills and try your hand at different areas.

  1. Use public transport.

All students living in London have a Student Oyster Card which allows them to pay less for the use of public transport. You can buy it from different shops or bus stations. One can also install the oyster app on the smartphone and top it up at any moment. As a result, you won’t pay too much for moving around the city.

  1. Buy Food at Local Supermarkets.

Don’t visit cafes or restaurants if you don’t have money to meet a bill. There are lots of inexpensive grocery shops like Asda, Aldi or Lidl. These supermarkets offer a flexible pricing policy allowing colleges not to go belly-up buying food.

Following these recommendations, you can afford living in the most beautiful and the most expensive capital in the world. Living in this metropolis can be one of the most memorable periods of your life. So, if you have an opportunity to study here, don’t lose it!

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