Confident Ranking List of Leaders Among London Colleges

For several centuries Britain has been at the forefront of the global ranking of educational centers. It is regardered very prestigious to become a graduate of a college that is disposed in the capital of the United Kingdom. Families with material wealth from various parts of the world consider it traditional to give education to their heirs in London.

College Level Definition

Every year London receives an average of 420 thousand students and 1/3 of the total amount are young people who come from the other countries. Here you can get a general and a specialized education in various disciplines. Such areas as the study of business, business, government, law, medicine, engineering, social sciences and the development of creative specialists are in great demand. The level of the academies is determined by many factors, which take into account not only the scale of graduates` professional success in the future but also the conditions of the study, professional staff, and many other criteria. Increased attention is paid to the quality and the methods of teaching, as well as additional options offered by educational institutions.

London Colleges Ranking in the 21 century

It is not easy to determine which college is the best one since each of the represented educational institutions graduates the specialists in various fields of knowledge. Nevertheless, according to the various ratings that are regularly made by the experts in the field of education, taking into account the opinion of the professors, students, and employers, the list of the best colleges in London is as follows.

In the capital of Great Britain a world-known University of London opens in front of the students, which is in the second place in terms of the number of the students. This educational institution includes some of the most prestigious colleges in the country.

1. Royal Holloway University

This old school, founded in the late 19th century, which graduates with a diploma of higher education, is the part of the London University. For the opening few decades, the university was founded exclusively for female scholars but today it is educated about seven thousand students of any gender. The profile of this university is the humanities and the art. This educational institution is the 15th position amid the best colleges in Britain.

Many novice musicians dream of becoming a student of the most authoritative music department in England because many popular people have been educated here. Withal, many famous writers and politicians came out from the audiences of the RHUL. The top female doctor Elizabeth Blackwell, the head of the European Union Foreign Affairs Ministry Catherine Ashton, who was awarded the title of Baroness for a number of high merits to the UK studied in this very educational institution.

2. Imperial College London

This college is estimated between the top universities in the world, occupying the eighth position in the majority of the ratings. It is a bronze medalist amid the prime European educational institutions. At the dawn of its formation, this school was a branch of the University of London but its hundredth anniversary in 2007 was noted as an independent prestigious school. The university specializes in science, technology, medicine, and business. Studying at this institution implies an extensive practice and many hours of production experiences classes.

The college is known for membership in the VIP group ‘Russel’, which brings together twenty-four prestigious universities in the UK. In addition, it is the part of the ‘Golden Triangle’ of a leading number of research universities in the country, which are located in Cambridge, Oxford and London. The graduates of this college are guaranteed to receive the maximum level of starting salary in the territory of Britain. The Imperial College London has a brilliant teaching staff that includes Fields laureates and 66 members of the Royal Society.

3. London School of Economics and Political Science

The LSE is also a part of the University of London structure and is distinguished by a specialization in the field of social sciences since it is the only university in Britain that issues diplomas in this field of knowledge. The school began its work at the end of the 19th century and now its audiences are located in dozens of buildings at the territory of Westminster and are designed for about 9, 000 students from 191 countries. The subjects are read not only by the British but also by the foreign tutors. This college passes for the ‘Alma mater’ for many prominent politicians and economists from all over the world.

Choose the top institutions because education is the best investment in yourself and your children.

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