Uncertainty is almost a favorite word of all public discussions of the last year. Representatives of business, government and public organizations unanimously repeat the pointlessness of long-term planning and “blindfolded eyes” in solving tactical tasks. Uncertainty has reached the sphere of higher education – and researchers around the world are trying to find trends that will determine the direction of development.
We perfectly understand that modern students will live in a different world, in many respects unlike the today one. And the modern school does not always meet the requirements of the time and tasks that the new generation will have to face in the future.

Total Informatization

The future is the age of digital technology. We can no longer imagine ourselves without tablets, the Internet, and mobile phones. Education, of course, also goes digital. The availability of new technologies provides students with different opportunities.

  • Digital technologies make it possible to provide access to a common quality of education, regardless of the region in which students live and study.
  • Informatization makes possible a frequent and detailed assessment of students’ knowledge. Online tests, online Olympiads, computer simulators – all these tools not only allow you to track the progress of the student, but also compare his results with peers around the world.
  • Computer technologies allow teachers to create so-called modular educational blocks, taking into account the speed of mastering new knowledge, the depth of the study of the subject and the quality of mastering the material passed.

Humanization of Education

In accordance with this trend, project activity, when students learn to set goals, plan time, work in a team, find and analyze information and present their solutions is actively implemented in schools and universities.

In the conditions of such work, teachers cease to be the only source of information and new knowledge. The role of the educators becomes more mentoring-he should give advice, provide constructive criticism, open a discussion or motivate the student.

Students have the opportunity to see role models and learn something important, not only in school but also in other areas of life, including with the help of the Internet. It is logic, analytical thinking, the ability to selectively focus attention and express one’s opinion.

Fortunately, now there are more and more resources that allow developing such necessary and important skills for future success.

Continuity of the Educational Process

Did you notice that today it became fashionable and interesting to study? Not only children but also adults are constantly learning. Someone chooses courses of personal effectiveness, other improve English or develops a new specialty. The Internet and modern technologies offer many forms and opportunities to improve the educational level. Now we can listen to lectures by professors at Harvard or Oxford without leaving our room. Accepting and adapting to the trend of the continuity of the educational process, today’s students study subjects not individually, but in close connection with each other. The textbook and the teacher cease to be the only top resources of knowledge. The quality and completeness of education require the attraction of additional resources, access to which is provided by the Internet, digital technologies and social media.

Three popular trends in education (computerization, humanization, and continuity) are the main ones affecting the content and learning processes. And the task of teachers and parents is to adopt and use them to maximize the effectiveness of children’s studying.

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